#1 Select Your Lot

Fleetwood Falls® has numerous beautiful lots from which to choose. Our licensed real estate agents will be happy to assist you in choosing a lot from the many that we have available.


#2 Select Your Plan

Fleetwood Falls, Inc. will be happy to assist you in custom designing your mountain home. You may choose to develop a plan that is uniquely your own or choose one of our time-proven plans. Either way, rest assured that we will tailor a plan to suit your every need.


#3 Construct Your Home

The construction of your mountain home will be an easy process. Only a small amount of time is required to choose a few selections, such as interior walls, roof shingles, paint colors, electrical light fixtures, floor coverings, etc. Since Fleetwood Falls, Inc. is a licensed general contractor we can handle everything concerning the construction of your home.


#4 Financing

Local financing may be arranged.